A truly interesting brown mineral, especially in its ‘sputnik’ form. The unusual shape and pattern of the crystals makes it an excellent display object.

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Information about Aragonite

There are several types of this mineral, but by far the best known is the ‘sputnik’; it has a well-defined lattice appearance reminiscent of branching stalactites, a phenomenon alternatively known as ‘flowers of iron’.

It also occurs naturally in a large number of mollusk shells and corals, and frequently forms in the ocean and in caves, where it helps to keep the pH of the ocean water to a natural level.

It can also form an iridescent form of Ammonite shell known as Ammolite, which is greatly prized for its beautiful play of colour.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Aragonite

Sputniks have a striking appearance and because of their star like structure send light out in a variety of different directions to create a heightened sense of airiness and calm. It is also known as the ‘conservationist’s’ stone for its strong connection to the earth and ability to relieve geopathic stress.

The stone has strong healing vibrations and is compatible with all chakras by directing energy into your auric field. The structure of the stone gives such impressive results because each point distributes energy and light outwards.

It is ideal for those born under the Capricorn sign.