This section is special – we usually make a page for each individual stone, mineral, fossil, or shell.

However, Abalone and Paua refer to two extremely similar shells – Paua is a different species of Abalone which only occurs in the waters of New Zealand.

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Information about Abalone / Paua

Abalone is a commonly used name for a group of sea snails in the family ‘Haliotis’. The inside of the shell is composed of thick nacre, which is colourful and even iridescent in some species. This nacre is more commonly known as Mother of Pearl, and is tremendously prized as a decorative object.

These creatures are widely used as a source of food, as well as being used as a gorgeous decorative object.

Paua, on the other hand, is native to New Zealand. The Maori word for the shell is pāua – its scientific name is Haliotis Iris.

It is heavily interwoven with the Maori culture, and in turn, with the modern New Zealand culture, too.

It was always prized as a seafood, and is considered a delicacy now – the shell was used to decorate Maori buildings and is often sold as jewellery, or used as inlay in decorative objects – both sold to tourists and prized by residents.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Abalone / Paua

Entire shells are not often used as crystal healing objects – however, it is possible single smaller pieces might.

Ultimately, if you believe you have a connection to the piece, or feel any energy from it, it is a good choice.