Bead Mixes

Bead mixes are sometimes called ‘bead soup’, which is a great name, but I’ve gone with mixes as I feel its more obvious. A messed up hodge-podge of beads; sourced from various places, times… in various sizes, shapes, designs, materials..

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Bead mixes are a great way to have a look at all different kinds of beads.

We don’t have the space available to commit to selling beads in less than a full strand, as some websites do – unfortunately, we can’t offer per bead prices. We can, however, offer mixes.

Whenever a strand of beads or a necklace breaks – the beads get added to the mix. There are recycled beads from damaged jewellery, there are ‘brushings’ from bead makers workshops, which all end up mixed up.

I then sort them into colours and sell them – usually by weight. The beads will be all different shapes and sizes, made of different materials, of different ages, with different hole sizes.

They are a truly random mix – although the more you buy at any one time, the more likely it is you’ll get some duplicates.