Goldstone Tumblestones (Red/Brown)

Lovely glittering red Goldstone tumblestones, an incredibly popular decorative tumblestone available in three sizes.



Bulk Buys

Buy 5-9 pieces for                 £0.68-£1.22
Buy 10-19 pieces for                 £0.64-£1.15
Buy 20+ pieces for                 £0.60-£1.08

Red Goldstone Tumblestones

Red Goldstone tumblestones are amazing stones to look at; they remind me of a sandy beach, or a glittering desert baked by the sun.

It has been one of my favourite crystals since I first saw it – although it is not truly a crystal or a gemstone, but a man made form of glass.

Tumble polishing really shows off the glittering sparkly inclusions of these glass pieces.


These Red Goldstone tumblestones are sold in a few sizes, although there is some variation in shape and size due to the forming process.

The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade - but some photographs are still on their way!


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What are tumblestones?

Tumblestones are stones that have been put in spinning barrels with an abrasive compound for weeks or months. This slowly rounds off the rough rock and corners – the stones are then cleaned, and placed with a less abrasive grit. This happens several times until the stones are placed into a barrel with a polishing compound for their final polish.