Sulphur Specimens

Stinky yellow Sulphur specimens, available from a few different locales.



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Sulphur Specimens

Interesting little Sulphur specimens, from a range of locales around the Americas - especially Baja, Mexico.

These pieces are probably not going to find a home in most collections, to be honest. They're not the most attractive specimens - an odd yellow colour with white and grey patches. When sniffed, there is a distinct hint of the classic Sulphur smell.

For the right collector, though - interesting little specimens. Now, these specimens are listed in our Minerals category, but that's not quite true, as Sulphur is an element. Of course, these are not pure Sulphur...

These can be very fragile, and are packed accordingly - however, it is likely small pieces will break off in transit.

Our current stock includes:

  • 50-75MM specimen from Baja, Mexico
  • 20-30MM specimen from an unknown location.


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