Satin Spar Tea Light Holder

These Satin Spar tea light holders make great gifts that look amazing with light shining through, whether its a tea light candle or a colour changing LED.

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Satin Spar Tea Light Holder - Rough

Interesting Satin Spar tea light holders, available in a few styles.

All Satin Spar looks amazing with light shining through it - whether that is a tea light candle or a colour changing LED, the effect is similar.

These tea light holders make a great gift for anyone who loves candles, or white minerals / gemstones.

They come with a free tea light where possible - the type may vary.

Satin Spar is a fibrous form of Gypsum which is commonly missold as Selenite. These are not Selenite - they are Satin Spar; however, most sellers are misinformed and the term has become largely ubiquitous.

Being a form of Gypsum, it is very soft and it is also water soluble, so some care is needed with these pieces.


Currently in stock we have two types; a rough sided cylinder with a single candle hole at the top measuring 100x95x95MM approximately, and a rough 'log' style type with holes for three tea lights in the top, which measures 165x85x55MM approximately.


Due to their depth, they can be somewhat difficult to light - make sure to buy a tapered candle or a box of longer matches to avoid being burned. They look great with the LED candles too! 

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

Rough cylinder with a single hole, Log with three holes


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