Rough Satin Spar Tea Light Holder

Satin Spar Candle Holder – Rough – 8CM approximately on all sides.


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Satin Spar Tea Light Holder - Rough

Interesting Satin Spar tea light holder - these are approximately 8CM x 8CM x 8CM.

All Satin Spar looks amazing with light shining through it - whether that is a tea light candle or a colour changing LED, the effect is similar. We have uploaded some photos showing colour changing LEDs underneath this type of candle holder.

These tea light holders make a great gift for anyone who loves candles, or white minerals / gemstones.

They come with a free tea light where possible - the type may vary.

Due to their depth, they can be somewhat difficult to light - make sure to buy a tapered candle or a box of longer matches to avoid being burned.


We are hoping to get a hold of some LED tea lights for use with our tea light holders - these are small battery powered colour changing candles, which can be left unattended or around children, as there is no flame.


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