Quartz Cabochons (Rutilated)

Lovely rutilated Quartz cabochons, available in four different shapes.



Rutilated Quartz Cabochons

A gorgeous selection of A grade Rutilated Quartz cabochons. These really are stunning pieces with excellent clarity - it's just a shame they're not calibrated, really.

Rutilated Quartz is caused by the inclusion of thin golden needles of Rutile (Titanium Dioxide) into Quartz crystals.

  • #1 - 16x10.5x6.5MM - a nice teardrop cut cabochon with very obvious if somewhat indistinct rutilations.
  • #2 - 27.5x19x5.8MM - a nice teardrop cabochon, one of my favourites, with somewhat subtle horizontal needles of Rutile.
  • #3 - 14.5x9.5x5.5MM - a very nice oval cabochon with good obvious rutilations.
  • #4 - 18x11.4x5.3MM - a nice oval cab with slightly less distinct rutilations.
  • #5 - 18.5x11.5x6.1MM - a good clear teardrop cab with obvious rutilations.
  • #6 - 17.5x12.7x4.4MM - a strongly rutilated teardrop with a few fractures and inclusions.
  • #7 - 17.5x10x5.7MM - a good horizontally rutilated oval cabochon with a few internal fractures.
  • #8 - 18.5x11x5.6MM - a decent teardrop with other inclusions towards the bottom.
  • #9 - 20x12x6.4MM - a very nice teardrop with good obvious rutilations; very clear except for one fracture.
  • #10 - 26.3x10x5.2MM - a very nice teardrop cab with good golden rutilations that you can't miss!
  • #11 - 27x15x6MM - wispy rutilations in an oval cab, along with several other minor fractures and inclusions.
  • #12 - 31x11.8x3.5MM - minimal, quite thin rutilations in a teardrop cabochon.
  • #13 - 17.3x9.3x4.1MM - this rectangular cabochon has some nice bright golden rutilations, but unfortunately not too many of them.
  • #14 - 24.2x13.3x6.8MM - a clear teardrop cab with some minor rutilations and other inclusions/fractures.
  • #15 - 25.7x14.5x7.7MM - an interesting teardrop cabochon with straw yellow rutile.
  • #16 - 24.5x12.5x5.9MM - quite a cool one, a teardrop cab with some bright golden rutile needles.


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