Quartz Cabochons (Rutilated)

Lovely rutilated Quartz cabochons, available in four different shapes.

Our freeform cabochons are sold singly as they are simply unique!



Rutilated Quartz Cabochons

A gorgeous selection of A grade Rutilated Quartz cabochons. These really are stunning pieces with excellent clarity - it's just a shame they're not calibrated, really.

Our freeform cabochons are sold singly as they are simply unique!

Rutilated Quartz is caused by the inclusion of thin golden needles of Rutile (Titanium Dioxide) into Quartz crystals.

  • #1 - 16x10.5x6.5MM - a nice teardrop cut cabochon with very obvious if somewhat indistinct rutilations.
  • #2 - 27.5x19x5.8MM - a nice teardrop cabochon, one of my favourites, with somewhat subtle horizontal needles of Rutile.
  • #3 - 14.5x9.5x5.5MM - a very nice oval cabochon with good obvious rutilations.
  • #4 - 18x11.4x5.3MM - a nice oval cab with slightly less distinct rutilations.
  • #5 - 18.5x11.5x6.1MM - a good clear teardrop cab with obvious rutilations.
  • #6 - 17.5x12.7x4.4MM - a strongly rutilated teardrop with a few fractures and inclusions.
  • #7 - 17.5x10x5.7MM - a good horizontally rutilated oval cabochon with a few internal fractures.
  • #8 - 18.5x11x5.6MM - a decent teardrop with other inclusions towards the bottom.
  • #9 - 20x12x6.4MM - a very nice teardrop with good obvious rutilations; very clear except for one fracture.
  • #10 - 26.3x10x5.2MM - a very nice teardrop cab with good golden rutilations that you can't miss!
  • #11 - 27x15x6MM - wispy rutilations in an oval cab, along with several other minor fractures and inclusions.
  • #12 - 31x11.8x3.5MM - minimal, quite thin rutilations in a teardrop cabochon.
  • #13 - 17.3x9.3x4.1MM - this rectangular cabochon has some nice bright golden rutilations, but unfortunately not too many of them.
  • #14 - 24.2x13.3x6.8MM - a clear teardrop cab with some minor rutilations and other inclusions/fractures.
  • #15 - 25.7x14.5x7.7MM - an interesting teardrop cabochon with straw yellow rutile.
  • #16 - 24.5x12.5x5.9MM - quite a cool one, a teardrop cab with some bright golden rutile needles.
  • Various sizes of calibrated cabochons, where stocks are available.


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