Aventurine (Red), Rough


Loose rough pieces of red Aventurine, intended as mineral specimens. They measure around 30-50MM approximately.


Rough Red Aventurine Specimens

Specimen piece of rough red Aventurine, for collectors. These pieces measure between 30 and 50MM along their longest points, generally.

These are study grade, nothing exceptional. They do, however, show off the colour of the stone and the sparkles of Aventurine quite nicely.

For those of you who are looking for multiple pieces, we sell 1KG bags. These bags may contain 10-60 pieces, depending on their size and shape.

They’re typically bought by rock tumblers, museum gift shops, new age shops, or geology departments.



We sell a range of rough specimens, and other mineral specimen pieces; take a look around!


For more information about Aventurine as a whole, please see our main ‘Aventurine’ page.


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