Pewter Mining Figures

Pewter casts of mining figures with an ‘old west’ American theme.



Pewter Mining Figures

Small pewter casts of mining figures, with an old west American gold miner theme. These are mass produced pewter casts and may have some excess material on the sides but this can be filed off easily.

  1. Man with pick and donkey - this piece is the only one with a base, which does make it a little easier to hide glue. Approx 20x20x8MM.
  2.  Horned cow skull. Flat back. Approx 23x20x3MM.
  3. Man with shovel - no base. Approx 25x15x4MM.
  4. Gold panning man, large - no base. Approx 20x20x10MM.
  5. Gold panning man, small - no base. Approx 13x11x4MM.
  6. Man with trowel - no base. Approx 20x15x7MM.

The pictures shown are example images showing the general quality and appearance of these products - they are randomly selected from our stock at the time the product was added to the website.


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