Moroccan Flexycalymene Trilobites

Fossilised Moroccan trilobites, available in two sizes.



Moroccan Flexycalymene Trilobites

Gorgeous little Moroccan flexycalymene trilobites - perfect for the start of a collection. These specimens usually have most of the exoskeleton intact.

For the price, we think these are some of the better Trilobite specimens you can find online - they're fairly large and have a decent amount of detail. They don't have the detail of the finest specimens, of course.

Calymene refers to a member of the Phacopida order of Trilobites, which lived from the Late Cambrian to Late Devonian ages, approximately 400-450 million years ago.


Moroccan fossils are often repaired, faked, or made up of multiple pieces of different fossils. These ones may be repaired - typically glued together from where they'd been broken in the ground, or during extraction. We do actually sell broken Trilobite pieces with obvious evidence of glueing and repairs; perfect if you'd like to show students how to spot faked fossils.


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