Metacanthina trilobite fossils

A member of the Metacanthina trilobite fossil family from Morocco.


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Metacanthina trilobite fossils

This piece was sold to me as a member of the Hollardops family, but I suspect it is more likely to be Metacanthina due to slightly longer and pointier pygidial spines (butt spikes). They are very similar in appearance and with damage it is very difficult to distinguish between them.

It was found in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. As with almost, if not all Moroccan trilobites, it has been restored/repaired. I've taken close up photos and photos under UV light showing evidence of repairs and damage to this specimen, including signs that the matrix rock has been broken.

I'd consider the eyes to be in pretty decent condition, and there is plenty of surface texture to the Trilobite.

The specimen measures 79x40x34.5MM including the stone matrix upon which it sits. The trilobite itself measures approximately 26x19MM.


Trilobite diagram showing the sections of a trilobite for your information. Image courtesy of, via Wikimedia Commons.

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