Magnolia Leaves in Tufa, from Italy

Calcified Magnolia leaves in Tufa, from Tuscany, Italy.



Magnolia Leaves in Tufa, from Italy

An extremely interesting specimen - this could be considered a 'modern fossil'. These pieces date from the Holocene, otherwise known as the current geological era - less than 11,650 years old. Tufa is a type of Limestone which is formed when minerals precipitate out of water - usually water rich with Calcite. These pieces come from Tivoli, in the Tuscany region of Italy. Each specimen has at least one Magnolia leaf, and usually a lot of associated detritus - leaf imprints, twigs, and other inclusions - very interesting under magnification. Layers of calcification have built up over time, preserving the leaves in reasonable detail.

  • #1 - 70-75MM approximately. Decent leaf, with a lot of other detritus.
  • #2 - 75-80MM approximately. Impressions of several leaves and twigs, and one very well defined stick.
  • #3 - 65-70MM approximately. Several leaves, and a nice hollow twig running all the way through the piece.


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