Meyeria Lobster Fossils from the UK


Cretaceous era lobster fossils of Meyeria, found on the Isle of Wight.


Fossilised Lobster – Meyeria

These are interesting little fossils – lobsters known as Meyeria from the Isle of Wight.

Specifically, these are Meyeria vectensis from the Atherfield clay of Atherfield on the Isle of Wight.

They are from the Cretaceous, around 66-100 million years old.

We cannot guarantee the quality or grade of these fossils, they may have some pieces missing. Typically, they are quite good though – you can certainly make out that they are a lobster. They are typically double sided, with some detail on both sides.


The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade – but some photographs are still on their way!


For a full list of all our Lobster related products, and more information about the fossils themselves, please see our main ‘Fossil Shrimps, Crabs, and Lobsters’ section.


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