Desert Rose Specimens

Gorgeous Desert Rose specimens, available in a few different sizes.

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Desert Rose Specimens

Desert Rose specimens sold in a few different sizes, from 20-150MM approximately.

‘Roses’ in this size can be quite hard to find in UK based stores, and they make an excellent addition to any collection.

These roses are a lovely orangey-brown colour, and certain pieces actually do look quite rose-like. We have pictured several pieces, to give you an idea of the natural variations of the stone, and the type of sizes and shapes you can receive.

Due to their nature, they are a relatively fragile formation – make sure not to drop them!

They are sometimes known as ‘gypsum roses’, ‘selenite roses’, or ‘baryte roses’, as well as ‘sand roses’ and ‘rose rock’.



Please see our Desert Rose page for more information about the stone, and a list of our products.


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