Jasper Palmstones (Dalmatian)


Dalmatian Jasper palmstones, measuring between 20-40MM approximately.

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Dalmatian Jasper Palmstones

Small Dalmatian Jasper palmstones, which measure between 40-60MM approximately. The shapes, sizes and thicknesses of these pieces can vary quite a bit.

Dalmatian Jasper is often sold dyed. However, these pieces are their natural colour and have not been dyed or treated.

Crystal healers believe that holding a palmstone will imbue the holder with the metaphysical properties of the stone itself.



For more information about Dalmatian Jasper and a full list of all of our related products, please see our main ‘Dalmatian Jasper’ section.

We do also sell a wide range of other semi precious palmstones.


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