Coprolite Fossils


Ancient Coprolite fossils, available in two sizes.


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Coprolite Fossils

Ancient Coprolite fossils, available in two different sizes. These are… well, interesting objects. Coprolite fossils are fossilised pieces of poo!

They come from a range of animals – usually aquatic animals, including fish and turtles. Some larger pieces are from Dinosaurs, which I might add in a separate listing.

They tend to be quite soft fossils, likely formed in mudstone or similar – as such they do abrade quite easily and I wouldn’t recommend exposing them to water in a fish tank or similar.


Obviously, Coprolites differ widely from one to the next. The photographs used are of a typical looking specimen, but there are many different kinds, shapes, and sizes.

The photographs are just intended to give you a reference to the sort of thing these are.



For more information about Coprolites, and a full list of all our related products, please see our main ‘Coprolite’ section. 


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