Asterophyllites fossils

Asterophyllites plant fossils, typically in a positive / negative nodule.

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Asterophyllites fossils

Unusual little pieces, these are fossils of a plant called Asterophyllites, which typically come in a positive/negative nodule where someone has split a rock expecting it to contain a fossil.


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  • #1 - Positive and negative nodule measuring 51x43x32MM. This specimen comes from the Upper Carboniferous of Northern England, from open cast mines near Wigan.
  • #2 - A single half, not a nodule. This piece has been repaired, too. 64x50x17.5MM with plenty of leaves.
  • #3 - A single half, not a nodule. 69x49.5x12MM with a faint impression of leaves.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm

#1 – Wigan, UK – 51x43x32MM, #2 – Wigan, UK – 64x50x17.5MM, #3 – Wigan, UK – 69×49.5x12MM


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