Archimedes Bryozoan Helix Fossils

Archimedes Bryozoan Helix fossils – intricate, spiral-shaped structures called helixes.


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Archimedes Bryozoan Helix Fossils

These fossils are part of the remains of a type of sea creature known as a bryozoan. They come from the genus Archimedes, a reference to their spiral corkscrew shape.

Bryozoans, also known as "moss animals," are a group of aquatic invertebrates that form colonies and create intricate, spiral-shaped structures called helixes. These helixes were used by the bryozoan colony for protection and feeding.

The fossils are available in different sizes and can be used for display in museums, classrooms, or as a unique decorative piece in any home.

Please note that these fossils are authentic and are mined from the earth and are not a reproduction. They may come with some natural imperfections such as cracks or chips that are normal for fossils of this age and type. Each fossil is unique and will have its own characteristics and might differ from the picture.

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