Afghanite mineral specimens

Natural blue Afghanite clusters on matrix, from Afghanistan.

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Afghanite mineral specimens

Afghanite is a blue mineral with a very similar appearance to Lazurite but can be distinguished by its crystal habit.

It is highly fluorescent, as are the numerous minerals that occur with it - it is best displayed under UV light.


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  • #1 - 70.5x61.5x42.5MM
    • A good collector's piece, with one crystal and several patches of Afghanite on a Calcite matrix. This specimen has several areas covered in a Mica, and many small Pyrite clusters. Under UV, the Afghanite glows a dark brown-orange, and the Mica reveals itself to be Phlogopite and fluoresces a brighter orange. An unknown mineral fluoresces white and is assumed to be Albite. This specimen comes from Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

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Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 cm

#1 – 70.5×61.5×42.5MM


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