16 Inch / 400MM Black Agate Wind Chime



Interesting dyed Black Agate wind chimes, measuring approximately 16 inches / 400MM tall.


16 Inch / 400MM Black Agate Wind Chime

This Black Agate wind chime measures around 16 inches or 400MM overall – the agate slices are about 2 inches long each.

The windchime comes with five dyed black agate slices, which collide in wind creating a unique sound. It makes an interesting addition to any garden, conservatory, or outdoor space. It would be very well suited to a small meditation garden or area.

There are two wooden rings, one for hanging the windchime, one for adjusting the location of the points. It is obviously quite difficult to photograph a hanging object, but the wooden ring can be moved up or down to adjust the strings.


We sell other Agate products, including rough stones, polished stones and shapes, cabochons, faceted stones, and other decorative shapes.


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