Don’t get scammed! What is ‘Agni Manitite’?

Following on from the recent explosion in popularity of Moldavite, a new material has reared its somewhat mysterious head.

There are posts on every mineral sales group I’m a member of offering “Agni Manitite”. The sellers insist it is “just like Moldavite”, an ‘extra terrestrial stone’, or go far enough to insist that it is a tektite. It is not.

This material seems to mostly be sold by Indonesians, and then to crystal healing/new age shops, who are advertising it with all sorts of claims lies.

The names used include “agnimanitite”, “pearl of fire”, sometimes “cintamani”.

There is a type of language that often seems to be used in the posts – the language refers to everyone as being in a ‘tribe’, or a family, or as brothers, or sisters, part of the family.

So what is this material?

The correct term for it would be “Obsidian”, or if you want to be generous, a pseudo-tektite (fake tektite). These are nothing more than water rounded nodules of Obsidian. It can’t even be called rare – I found numerous Facebook posts offering hundreds of kilograms each.

The cheapest piece of this on eBay UK currently is £9. It’s 9.6 grams. I sell 100 grams packets of black Obsidian for just under £2, or rounded nodules known as ‘Apache Tears’ for 75p. The most expensive pieces of Agni Manitite on eBay can be hundreds of pounds.


A trained eye will quickly notice that this new material doesn’t have any of the characteristic shapes of tektites.

I don’t have a piece of what is being sold as “Agni Manitite”, but I did have some Apache Tear Obsidian and some Indochinite tektites handy. Here are some photos for your reference. Note that the Tektites are significantly more opaque – we’d have better results with thinner pieces, but you can see that the Obsidian is significantly more transparent and has a flatter grey-brown colour – coincidentally just like the Agni Manitites…

If you happen to have purchased one of these and wouldn’t mind me having a look, I’d appreciate it! Also, sorry I’ve ruined it for you.

“Agni Manitite” specimens found on Facebook.