Looking for a creative, fun Christmas activity?

How about making your own Christmas ornaments from our wood slices?

They’re reasonably cheap, and can be decorated in a range of ways – I didn’t have any paint or glitter handy, but I’ve had a pretty poor attempt with some colouring pencils of an unspecified brand which rhymes with May…cola…, which do show up reasonably well.

I think acrylic paints, glitter paints, glitter pens, pencils, and felt tip pens will all be fine – however, felt tip pens and marker pens may run a little as the wood absorbs the liquid ink. A sharpie certainly did.

The slices are supplied undrilled, but I will look at drilling some and selling packets of drilled ones – having drilled a few at home they were incredibly easy to drill through.


And yes… I know, I’m not much of an artist. These were all done by John, 32 & ¾ years old.

I coloured the slices and wrote this post on the 25th October, hence the pumpkin… Halloween is just goth Christmas!

You can buy the wooden slices here, in packets of 10-50, from only £1.50.


Christmas competition.

I will market the competition throughout November and call the competition on the 5th December.


How do you enter, and what do you win? 

Send me a photograph of something you or your kids made using one of these wooden slices (or several). There will be two competitions – one for under 13s, and one for over 13s and adults.

The deadline for entry will be the 1st of December at noon UK time. After that, I’ll upload the photos to my Facebook page or an online voting site. The two photos with the highest amount of votes on the 5th December at noon will win a £25 voucher to use on my website.

I normally don’t especially like companies forcing Christmas earlier and earlier – but honestly, I think its quite likely there will be some bad postage delays this year, so I would like the winners to have their voucher by the 5th/6th to have a chance to use the £25 before Christmas!



Okay, terms and stuff.

  • Please send all images by email to [email protected] or to our Facebook page.
  • All entries must be received by 1st December at noon.
  • Draw will be 5th December at noon.
  • Please do not send any photos of children – if you do want the childs name to be included with the image please send a first name only and an age. (and yes, I will be putting mine as John, 32 & ¾).
  • I will need a way to contact the winner, which will likely be by the same method contacted.
  • If the winner hasn’t replied and claimed their prize by 14th January, the second highest voted image will win.
  • Honestly, I don’t want to say “YOU MUST BUY PRODUCT”, so – if you live in Leicester and are struggling for cash, send me an email if you’d like to pick some slices up free of charge.
  • UK entrants only.
decorated wooden slices for christmas 5
decorated wooden slices for christmas 8
decorated wooden slices for christmas 2
decorated wooden slices for christmas
decorated wooden slices for christmas 9