Sell your mineral, rock, or fossil collection. 

Do you have a collection of rocks, minerals, or fossils you’re looking to sell? 

We do buy collections, both big and small. However, due to the nature of the sale of specimen pieces, collections with any provenance are preferred – for example,  “Amethyst collected in Cornwall” rather than simply “Amethyst”. 

Larger specimens and particularly unusual will be considered individually if you are not looking to sell a full collection. 

Many specimens from famous locales are unavailable now or at least less common – Malachite from the Great Orme, Marston Marble, Blue John. In some cases, antique or vintage collections are the only available sources. 

In some cases, you may be dealing with an estate with little information on the minerals, fossils, etc. It is important to note that you will almost always get more money selling specimens singly direct to consumers – but only if you know what they are and how to market them. I have recently seen a £600-1000 piece of Opal sold on eBay for £120 because of a single poor quality photo, a lack of title and description, and no provenance, etc. 

Unfortunately, we do not buy collections that are comprised largely of tumblestones. 


Sell old or vintage lapidary, gemology, or mineralogy tools. 

As you might know, there are very few UK companies (and, really, very few companies worldwide) involved in making tools and machinery for the lapidary and gemology trades. 

There are even fewer companies stocking and selling equipment in the UK.