Himalayan Rock Salt – Heart Shaped Tea Light Holder



Beautiful heart shaped Himalayan Salt Rock tea light candle holders.


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Himalayan Rock Salt – Heart Shaped Tea Light Holder

An interesting heart shaped tea light holder carved out of Himalayan Rock Salt. This candleholder is not very deep – around two inches in total, meaning it can be lit far easier than some of the deeper tea light holders.

For a better idea of the dimensions and size of these products, check out the YouTube video below.

This tea light holder would make a beautiful gift for a partner or lover, especially on an anniversary. A pink heart is always a classic present.

These are carved from solid rock salt – it is water soluble, so make sure not to leave them in damp or wet places. If you rub your finger around the holder and lick it, you can taste salt.


We hope to be able to offer small LED colour changing candles soon – these are great for children, as there is no flame involved, and they can be left unattended.




We sell a range of other Salt Lamps, Tea Light Holders, Candle Holders, etc – please see our Himalayan Salt Rock section.


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