‘Bumblebee Jasper’ / ‘Mustard Jasper’

An attractive orange, white, and black mineral – the contrasts of this piece make it a popular eye-catcher.

This material is not a form of Jasper at all. Dripping acids onto the surface will produce bubbles of gas, showing it is at least in part a Carbonate.

When tested, the grey and white areas are found to be Calcium Carbonate. The black areas are caused by Pyrite inclusions – the yellow and orange areas, however, are Realgar – Arsenic Sulfide. 

While safe enough to display, this mineral should ideally not be handled; it should not be kept within reach of pets or children, and it should not be worked by anyone without considerable lapidary experience and excellent extraction.

In my opinion, due to proximity to the skin, it should never be used for jewellery making.