Orange Selenite

Orange Selenite is a form of the mineral Selenite, named because, well, it has a good orange colour. It is less common than white Selenite.

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Information about Orange Selenite

Orange Selenite is a form of Gypsum, a common mineral that occurs in many different forms, shapes, and colours.

This section focusses specifically on the orange or brown coloured Selenite. It is a relatively soft, fibrous mineral, and is not used for much other than ornamental items – carvings, and display pieces. It is primarily used in crystal healing, rather than as a display piece or used in jewellery, etc.

It is a soft stone and should be kept dry – it is porous and fibrous and could be damaged quite easily by liquids. It is a form of Calcium, and does not contain any significant amount of Selenium.

It is found in a few places worldwide, but much that is commercially mined is found in South America – the best specimens tend to come from Mexico. Morocco and Russia produce some, too.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Orange Selenite

The name Selenium comes from the name of Selene, Greek god of the moon; with pieces of the white stone, I can totally understand! The orange pieces do not look quite so “lunar”.

It is thought to be aligned with the Crown chakra, signifying wisdom. Many believe it is a protective, guarding stone, and that is helps to clear energies and confusion.