Desert Rose specimens – small


Pieces of Desert Rose, available in a few different shapes.


Small Desert Rose specimens

Smaller ‘rose’ sample – these are available in a few different varieties; a single ball (20-40MM), a conjoined ball (30-60MM), and specimen pieces consisting of many balls fused together (80-150MM).

Roses are a relatively well known stone, although many people do not know their name. They are sometimes known as ‘gypsum roses’, ‘selenite roses’, or ‘baryte roses’, as well as ‘sand roses’ and ‘rose rock’.

Please see the related products for much larger samples of Roses – approximately 60-120MM.  These smaller ones are a much more well known style, and have one distinct advantage – they are nowhere near as fragile. Due to their size they can also be stored in a bowl with tumblestones or other small stones, unlike the large ones.


They make an interesting gift for those who are interested in minerals – they look at home in any collection, and we have actually found someone who buys them to place around her cactus in a pot, to make it seem more like a desert scene.


We sell a range of other Desert Rose products – please see our Desert Rose section for a list of our products.


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