Obsidian Spheres (Sheen)

Gorgeous sheen Obsidian spheres in a variety of sizes.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Sheen Obsidian Spheres

Gorgeous gemstone sheen Obsidian spheres / crystal balls, a black Obsidian ball with microfractures and inclusions under the surface causing a silvery or golden sheen across the surface.

It is most visible when under direct light.


Our current stock:

  • #1 – This sphere has a diameter of around 95MM, and weighs 925 grams. It shows a good amount of golden flash on two sides, especially when in direct light.
  • #2 – This sphere has a diameter of around 80-85MM, and weighs 666 grams. It has a decent amount of flash on one side, but does look better under direct light.


Our crystal ball carvings all come with a free display stand.



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