Quartz Crystal Cluster – Flat Base


Beautiful example of a Quartz crystal cluster, with a single end cut flat, to allow use as a stand.


Quartz Crystal Cluster – Flat Base

Beautiful Quartz crystal cluster sample – comes with a flat base to let it stand on a table or other flat surface.

These display pieces would make a great centrepiece on a shelf or fireplace. They are typically a white Quartz matrix with clear Quartz crystals on.

Because they are natural, these crystals obviously have an amount of natural variation in both colour and size.

We sell two sizes – 50-75MM, and 125-175MM tall approximately.



We sell a range of Quartz products, including rough stones, crystals and crystal clusters, and tumblestones. Please see our Quartz page for a list of these products, and more information about the gemstone.


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