Polished Botryoidal Hematite


Polished Botryoidal Hematite pieces, sold in a few different sizes.


Polished Botryoidal Hematite

Lovely pieces of polished botryoidal Hematite (iron ore). Botryoidal refers to the ‘grape like’ formation, which looks almost bubbly.

These pieces are all from Morocco, and have taken quite a nice polish and make a lovely display piece. The larger pieces, especially, can be used for large displays.


Obviously, these pieces should not be kept in contact with water or in anywhere particularly humid. They may rust or degrade over time, as Hematite is a form of Iron ore.



For a full list of all our Hematite products, and for more information about the stone, please see our main ‘Hematite’ section.



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