Himalayan Salt Rock Tea Light Holders (Halite)

Large rough Himalayan Salt Rock tea light holder, for tea light candles.

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Himalayan Salt Rock Tea Light Holder

An interesting tea light candle holder, made of Himalayan Rock Salt. This tea light holder comes with plastic feet, to keep any loose salt powder off your desk.

These tea light holders measure approximately 9-10 CM tall, wide, and deep. They can be quite difficult to light - you will need either a long tapered candle, or to buy longer matches.

For a better idea of the size of these pieces, please check out our YouTube video.

We hope to be able to offer small LED colour changing candles soon - these are great for children, as there is no flame involved, and they can be left unattended. These battery powered candles are ideal for these candle holders, as there is no risk of getting burned attempting to light the candle in the deep hole.

2 reviews for Himalayan Salt Rock Tea Light Holders (Halite)

  1. Carrie

    Absolutely stunning piece, looks wonderful when illuminated. Would make a great gift!

  2. Kirsty France

    love mine looks so beautiful when in use

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