Fossil Orthoceras Bowls



Gorgeous Orthoceras fossil bowls, carved from a single block of fossils on matrix rock.


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Fossil Orthoceras Bowls

These gorgeous fossil bowls are carved from a block of Othoceras fossils on a dark matrix of host rock. We sell a few different sizes!

They are finely polished, which creates an excellent contrast between the fossils and the host rock itself.

While we sell these as ‘Orthoceras’ bowls, they may also contain other fossils.


These bowls make a lovely present, and are an excellent item to purchase for any fossil collection or collector. They even make a good storage option for your tumblestone collections.


You may be interested in our other Orthoceras products – we sell polished and rough fossils, and you can find a lot more information about the fossil creature itself at our main ‘Orthoceras’ page.

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