Dalmatian Jasper Pyramid


Interesting 35MM Dalmatian Jasper pyramids, a beautiful decorative object.

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35MM Dalmatian Jasper Pyramid

A stunning Dalmatian Jasper pyramid, with a 35MM square base. This will make a nice display piece. These are a decent grade of the stone, and have a lot of black spots.

Some people believe pyramids possess a certain energy, and may help with crystal healing.

Dalmation Jasper is an interesting stone which resembles the iconic markings on a Dalmatian dogs fur. See the link below for more information.


We sell a range of other Dalmatian Jasper products, including tumblestones, carvings, and cabochons for jewellery – see our Dalmatian Jasper page for more information about the stone and a list of these products.



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