Black Obsidian Egg Carvings

Lovely Black Obsidian egg carvings, available in two packet sizes; 50MM tall and 75MM tall.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Black Obsidian Egg Carvings

These gorgeous egg carvings are available in two sizes; 50MM tall and 75MM tall approximately.

They are nicely formed, and a lovely shade of black. They’d look amazing in any display with some contrasting stones.

Our Black Obsidian Egg carvings all come with a free egg stand, which can be seen in the picture. This lets you use the piece as a display straight away – no need to find somewhere to balance it.

We sell a wide range of Black Obsidian products, including rough crystals, crystal clusters, carvings, polished stones, and jewellery related items, such as cabochons. Please see our Black Obsidian section for a list of these products, and more information about the stone.


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