Lapis Lazuli Pyramid


Gorgeous deep blue 25-30MM Lapis Lazuli pyramids – these make a beautiful display piece and can be used for crystal healing.

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Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

Stunning blue Lapis Lazuli pyramid with a square base. These are a lovely dark blue with golden flecks. They would make an excellent display piece, either as part of a collection, or to decorate a shelf or fireplace, etc.

Lapis Lazuli has been prized since antiquity, and was widely used in Ancient Egypt for things like beads and other jewellery.


Some people believe pyramids possess a certain energy, and may help with crystal healing – specifically that pyramids are useful for focussing energy.


We sell Lapis carvings, tumblestones, and more – check our Lapis Lazuli section for a full list and more information about the stone.


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